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Subscription Based Ecommerce Models in Korea

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Just as subscription-based curated ecommerce models such as Birchbox and Beachmint gain a lot of traction in the US, similar services start to be seen in Korea. There are currently only three noticeable players in the market but expect to see a lot of new entrants in the very near future, and will go beyond beauty and fashion products.


1. Glossybox Korea

Glossybox Korea Homepage

Glossybox, a clone of Birchbox, has entered Korean market in June 2011

– Rocket Internet Korea, an affiliate of Rocket Internet GmbH which owns Glossybox, set up Glossybox Korea. Rocket Internet which sold Citydeal to Groupon also developed Groupon’s international business including Groupon Korea  

– Monthly subscription fee: KRW 16,500 (VAT included) 


2. Shoedazzle Korea

CJ O Shopping introduced Shoedazzle to Korean market in September, 2011

– Inyoung Seo, famous singer and shoes affectionado, acts as main celebrity stylist

– Shoes are priced at KRW49,900 per pair


3. Perche

– Liberty Group Inc, an affiliate of Ticketmonster (which was recently acquired by LivingSocial), launched Shoedazzle-like service in October 2011.

– Prices are set the same as Shoedazzle


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[Subscription Based Business Model] Birchbox

One of the companies that I am keeping my eye on these days is Birchbox. The company, co-founded by Harvard Business School classmates (Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp) in 2010, is one of the forerunners in the subscription-based ecommerce websites. Birchbox charges subscribers $10 a month and sends 4-5 beauty samples every month, selected carefully by beauty professionals based on the subscriber’s profiles. Subscription based ecommerce model is spreading really fast in different categories right now (books, apparel, shoes, and many more) and we should definitely pay attention.

Recent Business Insider Coverage

– 11/22/2011 Watch: How Birchbox Is Taking Over The Beauty Industry And Changing The Way You Shop

Recent Techcrunch Coverage

10/10/2011 (Founder Stories) Birchbox: On The Second Wave Of Ecommerce

10/9/2011 (Founder Stories) Birchbox: Helping People “Find What They Didn’t Know They Wanted”

10/8/2011 (Founder Stories) Birchbox: Selling Subsriptions To Surprise Beauty Samples For $10 A Month

Recent Mashable Coverage

8/16/2011 Beauty Delivered: How Birchbox Is Disrupting the Cosmetics Industry

If you want to know more companies that now offer subscription based, box-type, curated products in various product categories, please refer to the following.

1. http://www.makeuptalk.com/a/subscriptions-and-sampling-programs

2. http://socialcommercetoday.com/boxing-up-social-commerce-new-hot-trend/

3. http://mashable.com/2011/12/01/online-subscription-services/ (Updated on 12/1/2011)

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